Charles Barkley the Cat Wants His Breakfast and He Wants It NOW!!!

Charles Barkley the Cat’s book is featured in the Phoenix Art Museum’sINFOCUS Self-Published Photo Books Exhibition.”  Go to the Norton Gallery of Photography at the Museum to cozy up and see it for yourself!  The exhibit will be up until April 9.

It’s a true story of persistence, BIG attitude, a velvet paw and patience (kind of).  Charles is purring with delight at getting to be in a MUSEUM and Zelda the Kitten now thinks hes a Rock Star.

If you’d like to purchase of copy of Charles Barkley the Cat Wants His Breakfast and He Wants It NOW!!!, here’s some information: linen cover with photo window, printed on Fuji Metallic Pearl photo paper, board-style pages.  The price is $125.  Purchase by credit card using paypal or contact Betty Drake at to pay by check.




Scottsdale Public Art under Attack!

Herb Mignery’s “Passing the Legacy”       Part of Scottsdale Public Art’s Legacy to Arizona


Scottsdale’s Public Art program is under attack…from within!  The Cultural Council’s head honcho is out to discredit SPA’s top staff and marginalize the program that has been widely acknowledged as one of the tippy-top of the heap in our fair nation.

Supporters have been swarming to SPA’s defense.  Local luminaries, young artists, former State Senators, former Mayors and many others have spoken out at a Cultural Council Board of Trustee meeting and at City Council.  Will the City Council get past its conflicts of interest to take an objective look at what’s going on and do the right thing?  Will the Cultural Council wake up to the threat that’s storming its closed-in bunker and realize the value and prestige public art brings to its programs?  Will they realize that the two top public art administrators, Valerie Vadela-Homer and Margaret Bruning are well-respected, top professionals who have brought nationwide attention and awards to Scottsdale Public Art?


You can help by emailing the Mayor and City Council, by contacting Cultural Council Trustees and submitting letters and columns to the Scottsdale Republic.

You can email the Mayor and entire City Council with one click o’ the mouse at:

You can contact the Cultural Council Board through their webpage at: